Романтическая история Джулии Яушефф

30 января 1949 года газета Lubbock Avalanche-Journal из города Луббок, Техас, опубликовала заметку, в которой описала историю американского морпеха Чарльза Суини и его невесты Джулии Яушефф, которую ему удалось вывезти из Китая перед наступлением коммунистов. Джулия Яушефф — внучка Латифа Яушева, чья семья с двадцатых по сороковые прожила в Китае.

Plainview Vet Gets Assist From China Reds To Get Wife 

PLAINVIEW, Jan. 29. (INS)—The Reds have ended a lot of red tape for a cupid-struck couple who now can settle down to wedded bliss on the South Plains. The Chinese Communists actually did more to end parental objections to the match than anything else. Charles Sweeney of Plainview, formerly with Quartermaster department of the 1st Marine division, met Miss Julia Yaousheff of Tsingtao July 6, 1947. Started Battle In ‘47 Miss Yaousheff is the daughter of Turkish parents who operate a night club in Tsingtao. As soon as Sweeney was discharged from the Marines in October, 1947, he began battling to bring Julia to the states. She was- necessary to certain wedding plans Sweeney had cooked up. But first the government, then Mrs. Yaousheff, were inclined to wait awhile. In the meantime, the Reds were knocking over one Chinese city after the other, and Tsingtao seemed in a fair way to get itself on the Communists’ timetable. That decided Mrs. Yaousheff, but definitely. She gave her 18-vear- old daughter her parental blessing. The war situation may also have had something to do with softening the hard hearts of port personnel, who ordinarily fail singularly to allow cupid’s desires rule shipping clearance section policy. Julia got her clearance in four days. And does she like America0 “Enchanting,” says the lass. “The movies we saw in China can’t start to tell the real America story. It’s wonderful!”